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Your shelter needs may be as simple as a basic shed, a child’s backyard play house, an ice-fishing shelter, hunting blind, or a winter shelter for your hot tub.

Or your shelter requirements may be as sophisticated as a temporary house on your vacation property, or a multi-room, multi-shelter eco-tourism retreat in the back country.

LiteYurts, UtiYurts, TekYurts and SegYurts can be easily customized to meet your specific requirements.

Put them up for an event, or a season; they are easy to move or disassemble for next time. Or set them up permanently with all the amenities.

These simple but elegant robust multi-year shelters are more than tent substitutes, they’re house substitutes.

Alternately, if structure-as-art is essential for your application, consider our Pod domes.  They are more expensive and more difficult to assemble and maintain, but they are extraordinarily beautiful.



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