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A shelter’s value is proven in the field.

Can it be quickly produced in large quantities, transported easily in impassable conditions, and assembled effectively in foreign languages? 
Will it survive torrential rains, heavy snow, high winds, and extreme heat?
Will it last a long time?

I’ve deployed shelters in six countries but the 2005 Pakistan earthquake was my watershed moment.  The world delivered a plethora of shelters solutions. There were too few and most of them failed when winter came. This is why we spent two years testing our Yurt shelters before releasing them.

- Markus Robinson · Folded Homes CEO



Equally effective in the snowy Himalayas, shedding rain along the Amazon, or keeping cool in the desert, Folded Homes Yurts deliver world-wide.

Passive ventilation cools them where it's hot. Local biomass packed in their thick double walls and roof insulate them where it's cold.

Choose the LiteYurt if ease of assembly and minimum costs are paramount.

For four-season comfort, consider a UtiYurt, TekYurt or SegYurt. Combine them into multi-room structures and compounds.

Choose the TekYurt with locking Dutch door and latching window when the most sophisticated shelter is required. Choose a SegYurt if you need a structure customized to the size you require.


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