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Folded Homes structures are based on origami architecture and manufactured from safe, recyclable materials.  Properly maintained, they will last years.

Yurt shelters offer an elegant, utilitarian solution to both emergency and personal use applications. They are easy to assemble without tools, ladders, scaffolding or power.

  • Our single-walled LiteYurt is a superior, price-competitive alternative to the refugee tent that is so simple to assemble that the manual is textless. Thousands can be delivered within weeks.
  • Our double-walled UtiYurts, TekYurts and variably-sized SegYurts are true four-season semi-permanent dwellings.
  • Combine UtiYurts, TekYurts and SegYurts to create complex multi-room structures and compounds suitable for refugees, clinics, schools, aid mission teams, or your family or back-country business location. Customize the yurts with doors and windows from our shelter accessories kits.

Pod shelters invoke 'buildings as art' to  provide  you  with a  signature structure when your event, trade-show booth, or personal shelter demands a truly beautiful space.




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