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SegYurt Analyzer

Whether you require multi-person sleeping barracks, field hospital wards or front-line operating theatres, administrative buildings, storage facilities, or semi-permanent manufacturing facilities, the SegYurts you specify are as large as you need them. Sandwiched in between two semi-circular ends, one or more SegYurt segments each contribute 15 square feet (1.393 square meters) to the usable area of the structure. Use our simple SegYurt Analyzer to determine what size SegYurt is right for your application.

A SegYurt is basically an elongated TekYurt with one or more rectangular segments inserted between each half of the TekYurt.  The two halves of the TekYurt form the two circular ends of the SegYurt.  Each of these circular ends includes a locking Dutch-door and two locking windows. SegYurts are manufactured from robust polypropylene plastic.

SegYurts are true semi-permanent, four-season shelters that can be easily combined into multi-room structures.  You can connect up to three TekYurts, UtiYurts or other SegYurts onto each circular end of a SegYurt.

SegYurts are more than tent replacements, they are building substitutes.

Field Hospital SegYurt Exploded View
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SegYurt-7 Assembly Series (1.5MB)

SegYurt Exploded View (213KB)

Field Hospital (638KB)

Multi-Yurt Configurations (240 KB)

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