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Shelter Characteristics SC
A Assembly A
M Maintenance M
PMT Performance, Materials & Testing PMT
Purchasing & Delivery PD
Folded Homes LLC FH
Production, Sales & Distribution PSD

  Pending integration into the lists above get all ICOPOD & DECAPOD FAQs here

Our Frequently Asked Questions data base contains information about our shelters and our company.  It is divided into the seven subject areas listed above. You can get to the FAQ data base from anywhere on the website by clicking on the question icon.

In each of the seven subject areas, the question titles are organized alphabetically. Click on the title to pull up the answer. Alternately, you can print out a large PDF file of the entire data base. Click here to learn about FAQ Format and FAQ Accuracy.

If one of our FAQs doesn't answer your question email us at info@foldedhomes.com and we'll get you the answer.

  Click Here to download the entire FAQ Data Base PDF (4.12MB)

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