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January 27, 2010
Help Us Send Two Field Hospitals to Haiti

“Haiti’s Homeless are Short Hundreds of Thousands of Tents, Aid Groups Say”
– New York Times, January 24, 2010

We’ve all seen the headlines and the heart-rending images on the nightly news.  Folded Homes is working with a number of aid groups to see if we can’t get our single-walled LiteYurts to Haiti to help in the construction of the ten large refugee camps that have been announced.

But we’d like to do more, and with your help, perhaps we can.  The entire medical infrastructure in Haiti has been damaged. Patient beds are lined up in the streets and courtyards, often covered with no more than a sheet to protect them from the elements. The rainy season is coming.

If we can raise $17,000, Folded Homes will send two six-room TekYurt medical field hospitals to Haiti.  We will donate the field hospitals to NGOs in Haiti like Doctors Without Borders. Can you help?

Here’s how it will work.  Either make your pledge by sending an email to info@foldedhomes.com with 'Haiti Pledge" in the subject line, or send your pledge immediately.  When we reach $17,000, we’ll begin production and we’ll ask each of you that has not yet sent in their pledge to send a check made out to the Folded Homes Haiti Relief Fund.  The entire amount raised will go to manufacture, shipment and deployment costs.  Folded Homes will not use the money raised for any other purpose.

If we can’t raise the money, any pledges received will be returned.

Can you help us help in Haiti?  Please consider making a pledge now!

If you are sending a check now, please make it out to the Folded Homes Haiti Relief Fund, and mail it to our corporate address.

Folded Homes LLC
2824 NW Garryanna Drive
Corvallis, Oregon  97330-3509

Thank you!
Markus Robinson, Folded Homes

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