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No. 2 - March 18, 2009
Pods and Yurts - Technology Worth Another Look 

It has been a busy fourteen months since our last newsletter.  Last fall LiteYurts joined our family of Folded Homes Yurts, and then after a hiatus of almost three years, Icosa Village IcoPods and DecaPods have finally returned as well. In February 2009, an IcoPod celebrated its fifth anniversary of use in a Michigan campground demonstrating that properly maintained, Folded Homes shelters will last a long time. Read all about these stories and more in this second Folded Homes newsletter.Read More


No. 1 - January 25, 2008
Folded Homes and the TekYurts are Finally Here 

It’s been a long road from Pakistan. I went to Kashmir in December 2005 with my previous company to deploy fifty Pod shelters for international medical relief organization clinics and personnel housing. Bryan Blondeau, the logistics specialist for the international medical relief organization that worked with me in Pakistan has written an account about it. A year later, the relief organization reported that the Pods were still being used in their second Himalayan winter...Read More



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