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Each FAQ title starts with the subject area abbreviation SC, A, M, PD, PMT, FH, or PSD showing where it is located followed by the topic that it addresses.  For example


This FAQ title indicates that it regards a topic appropriate to Shelter Characteristics, and that specifically it answers the question “What are the window dimensions of a TekYurt?”

Our FAQs are updated from time to time. We only guarantee that a specific FAQ is accurate at the time it was created or updated. If you are using the PDF-file version of the FAQ data base, ensure that the version and date on the front page of the FAQ file is the same as the one available as a download on the website.

Each FAQ may include one or more bracketed “See” sections which link to other FAQs providing related information. Here is an example of a FAQ data base question with two such links.


TekYurt windows have dimensions identical to the openings of Dutch-door uppers.  The window openings are 15.25” (38.74 cm) tall, by 17.75 inches (45.1 cm) wide. [See DOOR DIMENSIONS (FH YURTS), and DUTCH DOORS – WHAT ARE THEY?]

Our FAQ data base grows as people ask Folded Homes® questions. If you have a question that is not answered in our FAQ data base or you need a clarification, submit your question by sending us an email at info@foldedhomes.com or use our web page Contact interface accessible by clicking on the Contact icon.  We’ll answer your question pronto and add your question to the FAQ data base.

Some FAQs relate to specific Folded Homes® shelters or families of shelters and are therefore shelter-specific. For example FAQs specific to TekYurts have the word ‘TekYurt’ in the title.  Questions that apply to the entire family of Folded Homes® yurt shelters (i.e. both TekYurts and UtiYurts) have ‘FH Yurts’ in the title.

We learn from your experience with our shelters.  It is essential to improving them.  Please send us testimonials about our shelters, photos where possible, and suggestions for improvements. Thank you!

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